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This core value has dual importance as it represents both how we present ourselves externally and internally. As a member of our team we strive to present ourselves in the most professional way possible. This is demonstrated in the way we work, talk, but also how we dress. Our uniforms are special to us, because they allow us to stand out from the crowd. "You shine when your shoes shine," an old saying, but has lasting significance. As trivial as it may be, many times the guest's first impression of us is directly connected to how "clean cut" we look. So we are going to continue to strive for excellence in this area! This page is dedicated to helping you with any and all uniform needs you may have. To your left you will find a link to our uniform policy, as well as an order request form. Thank you for continuing to look clean cut! Remember... "Dress today for the job you want tomorrow!"  

Clean Cut & Wholesome