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Meet the Directors

Alex Mason (Coming Soon )

Alex Info coming soon!

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson has worked at Chick-fil-A for 6 years. She is the Executive Assistant/ Marketing. She loves working with our guests and team members. She and her husband and I have 3 girls and one dog, Lexi. She enjoys spending time with my family and reading.

Cristy Araujo (Coming Soon)

Cristy Info coming soon!

Elaina Bryant

Elaina Bryant grew up near Dallas, TX. She moved to Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas and studied childhood development. She started working for Jim Bryant at Chick-fil-A North College in 2011. While at North College she was a team member, closing supervisor, marketing director, and executive administrative assistant. The best part of her time at North College was meeting her husband Chris! They moved to Dallas in 2019, and she worked at Chick-fil-A there as a Training Director. Later in 2021, they moved back to Arkansas and she joined the Rogers team. She's the first remote employee working for Jim but does her best to visit the stores every month so she can stay connected to the team. Her favorite part about working at Chick-fil-A is the relationships she develops with the team and guests. Outside of work, Elaina enjoys spending time with her dogs, Penny (Golden retriever) and Stanley (Corgi), baking, gardening, flipping her house, hiking, and traveling. 

Evan Hegel