Meet the Directors

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Director Dinner - January 14th 2019

Melody Rubio

Melody grew up in Clarksville, AR with two loving parents, and third in the line of four children. She was home schooled alongside her two older brothers and one younger brother. She started working at Chick-fil-A at the young age of 15 and little did she know it would change her life forever. By the age of 19 she met the love of her life, Mario, who was also employed at CFA. Today they have been happily married for 14 years, and have 3 incredible children: Micheal, Natalie and Joseph! Melody is a true servant leader, and looks for any opportunity to serve her community. She is involved with "Community Kids Closet" an organization dedicated to helping under privileged, low income families with clothing needs. She's a member of Fellowship Bible Church in Rogers, AR. A true blessing, never without a smile on her face! Meet Melody Rubio!

Brad Vass

Brad was born in Oklahoma City to high school sweethearts Brian and Brenda. His father enlisted in the marine corps immediately following high school which sparked a career in the military. As a byproduct of having a military dad, Brad and his two siblings, (Brent and Brenna) lived in several states all before graduating high school. Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia all made the list. He spent time in Fort Smith, AR before living in both Virginia Beach and Northern California. Eventually Brad landed back in NWA where he has found a home ever since. Growing up Brad loved playing sports of all kinds but his passion was soccer. He played center mid as a 6 year old all the way through graduating high school. Brad has an Associate's Degree in business, and has spent time studying at the UofA, NWACC and Longwood University. By age 22 Brad was working full time at CFA! One of Brad's main passions is for all things "sci-fi" related. Marvel, Dr. Who, Star Wars and Harry Potter are top of the list. Music has also been a constant in Brad's life. Hip hop, Rap and  R&B are all favorites. Brad aspires to be a future husband and father. He believes in a hard day's work, and is most definitely an early riser. He wants to continue a career in the food industry as he loves what he does! Meet Brad Vass!

Matthew Boydstun

Matt was born and raised right here in Northwest Arkansas. Blessed to have two loving parents, and two older brothers (Guy and Kenneth) Matt reflects fondly on his childhood. Matt grew up loving football, and played center from 6th grade to graduating from Greenland High School. Upon graduation, Matt went to work full time starting his food service career at Rally's. Matt worked his way up from a team member to a restaurant leader before moving into a kitchen manager role at Corky's BBQ. Shortly after he left Corky's to work for Jim Bryant, and has been here ever since. Matt met his wife Nancy in high school, as they dated nearly 5 years before tying the knot. Today they are proud parents of two sons, Kevin age 16, and Alex age 12. Kevin takes after his mom enjoying both reading and playing in the marching band. Alex is his father's son as he is true outdoors man.  However both Kevin and Alex are both heavily involved in boy scouts with their dad. Matt and Nancy attend South side baptist Church where Matt is an ordained Deacon. Outside of that Matt loves to be outside running his small farm of 20 cows and 3 chickens. He is passionate about gun safety and proper shooting techniques. One of his favorite activities is target practice on their 40 acres with his two boys. Matt is a true family man, and loves working with his hands. He helped to build his house where the Boydstuns have lived for the past 17 years. Looking forward Matt would love to see his family continue to grow and prosper, as well as see his two sons grow up to be men of high moral character. Meet Matthew Boydstun!

Ryan Bradshaw

This is the Bradshaw family. Ryan, his wife Samantha, and their son Tobias. They love to spend their time outdoors. Every free chance they get you’ll find them kayaking, fishing, camping, hunting, gardening. They kick back by either watching Kansas City Chiefs football or sitting by the fire pit reading. Whatever the activity, these are all done with their all black German Shepard sidekick, Athena. Ryan and his wife love doing life and parenting together and strive to put the Lord first in their marriage and all other aspects of their life. They look forward to serving each and everyone of you in the same manor. 

Meet Ryan Bradshaw!

Kamber Burleson

Kamber is the Marketing Director at our Whitaker Parkway location. Originally from Texas, she came to NWA to attend school at John Brown University. While there, she obtained her degree in marketing and met her fiance, Carter. They will be married May 31, 2020 and can hardly wait to celebrate with friends and family! In her spare time she enjoys baking, running and spending time with friends and family. She has now been a part of the Chick-fil-A family for 2 years. She absolutely loves creating special events for our guests and serving our community alongside each of you!  Meet Kamber Burleson!

Seth Clark 

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John Burkett

Born Texas, Dallas. Spent early childhood. 4 years - Clarksville, AR - 12 years - NWA - 1996 - 1998 FSR Team Member, basketball player. High school student - Homeschooled - NWACC - 2 UofA - Marketing Management. Bachelor's. Part time college - fridays and saturdays 12 -15 hours. 2 years TM - Team Leader - Supervisor - December 2008 - Assistant Manager - Mall - by next year 2008. Loving DT window, Front - Handheld - Grand Openings - 7 LR 1 hot springs fay, Tulsa, Sercy,  Joplin MS/ Oklahoma. 2 brothers David army, college Gabriel, Melody. Parents local. Enjoy video games - playstation - bowling college credit - Biking - working out - mountain biking - music piano / guitar - calestenics body weight movements. Very much looking forward to the new store. pushing yourself with your career. 20 years total. all with Jim. Enjoys being an uncle, and he enjoys cars and vehicles. Enjoys rollercoasters immensely! Hard working, highly self motivated! high achieving. Meet John Burkett!

Stacie Mann

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Jennie Matlock

Jennie has been with CFA and Jim Bryant for 21 years this July. She has been married to her husband, Wes,  for 48 years. They have two sons and one daughter who have blessed them with six grandchildren. Their first great grandchild will be here this Spring! Jennie loves working and learning new things. CFA is a dynamic company and always bettering itself. That has been her goal throughout her life. Meet Jennie Matlock! 

Kelly Fougerousse

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Kristy Ruff

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Darcie Fullington

Darcie Fullington grew up in a suburb of Kansas City, MO. She moved to Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas and studied Spanish and Latin American Studies. The night before graduation, the love of her life proposed and they have now been married for almost 4 years. She has been working for Chick-fil-A for a little over 3 years, starting at the Chick-fil-A West Walnut location and then opening the Chick-fil-A Whitaker Parkway location in 2018. Darcie has a dog baby named Jax and loves spending time outside with him and her husband, Stephen. Darcie's favorite part about working at Chick-fil-A is how much FUN the team brings to the table each and every day. Meet Darcie Fullington!

Evan Hegel

Evan Hegel has worked for Chick-fil-A for 4 years. But Evan wants you to know that CFA is not his entire identity! He is a bible-believing Christian, who used to have a man bun and ride a motorcycle. He used to have a man bun and climb mountains in Colorado where he lived for 20 years. Then with his man bun he proposed in said Colorado mountains to his wife. He then ditched the man bun to get married and match his dope then-five-year-old, then-soon-to-be brother-in-law, Major. Evan thinks we can all agree that the man bun being past tense is a good thing. Soli Deo Gloria! Meet Evan Hegel! 

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson and has been with Chick-fil-A for almost 4 years. Her husband, Paul and her have three daughters. She studied marketing at Liberty University and graduates this May. She enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family. Meet Amy Johnson! 

Ian Foster

Ian Foster has been working at Chick fil-A for a little over 4 years now. He loves both playing and watching basketball, playing guitar and has written/produced two amateur albums of his own music. He has been married for about a year. Him and his wife have a little puppy Bassett Hound, Gerrard, who is  both the most adorable and annoying thing alive. Ian used to live in Europe for about 10 years- his family were missionaries- and now he lives in Arkansas. Meet Ian Foster!