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We Have a Free Gift for you!

In today's world we have no shortage of instant streaming platforms. From Netflix, to Hulu there is always something out there to satisfy your entertainment itch. Have you ever wanted something with a tad more substance? Why can't there be a Netflix for parenting advice, or leadership development? Well get excited, because we have a special gift for you! RightNow Media is an instant streaming platform dedicated to helping people grow through a spiritual lens. They address topics from handling grief, to handling money and everything in between. RightNow Media has partnered with countless teachers, authors, and speakers to bring you the most relevant content possible. Is this something you would use for yourself or with your family? If so, check out the offer below!    


Here it is!

Jim Bryant, has purchased access to this resource and is offering it to his team at no charge! Yes you read that correctly! Would you like access to 10,000 free videos on how to better your life from a spiritual perspective? All you have to do is email Amy about receiving access! Here at Pleasant Grove Road and Whitaker Parkway we believe in Continuous Improvement, and here is a great tool to help us all pursue that! 

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