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Who are we... 

We are Remarkable

Customers First

We are in the people business, we just happen to serve chicken! There is no greater responsibility than serving our guests!


Culture of Encouragment

How do you know if someone needs encouragement? Simple, if they are breathing! We strive to encourage each other daily!


Continuous Improvement 

What got us here, will not get us there. We strive to better ourselves everyday! If you aren't moving forward, you're moving backwards! 

Caden Kelly.jpg

Character, Competence, Chemistry

Who are you when nobody is looking? Can you do the job that's asked of you? How well can you do it with others? Three pillars we live by! 


Contagious Optimism

How do you portray yourself? We believe that we are the thermostat, and always set the temperature for an optimistic outlook!

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Cultural Intellegence 

You treat everyone with honor, dignity, and respect no matter how different they are from you. 

"We are in the people business, we just happen to serve chicken."

Truett Cathy

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